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What is IFA?

ORUNMILA, IRUNMOLE and so on. IFA divines for people through Orunmila. IFA never divines for itself. We know IFA by the way Orunmila interprets the codes or messages from IFA through divination with using Opele or Ikin and so on. Let us look at the odu OKANRAN-SODE that is speaking about the 401 plus IRUNMOLE. Olodumare sent the Irunmole to look for the Ogbon(primordial wisdom). There is a vast amount of history on how Osun, Orunmila, Ogun, Obatala etc went looking for the wisdom. But all of them are saying they have the wisdom, but Osun did EBO, but did not do it well. Osun was the first to find the wisdom. But only Orunmila did and completed EBO(Sacrifice). And when Orunmila and Osun both went in front of Olodumare, He asked WHO FOUND THE WISDOM? Osun said I AM THE ONE THAT FOUND IT. But do to the incomplete things on the sacrifice, Osun did not have the wisdom that she found before. Orunmila completed the sacrifice and found the wisdom that Osun dropped. That is why Olodumare call the youngest to have more wisdom than the elderly and charges him with wisdom.

IFA is different than Orunmila and many tend to confuse the both and categorize them as the same . Orunmila is the one that consults IFA, IFA doesn't consult any oracle. No other Irunmole has the wisdom of IFA , just Irunmole has it. And all the Irunmole go to Orunmila to get divination from IFA. And even Orunmila also divines for Olodumare.

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